Tuesday, 25 November 2014

About Us

MANAS Counseling Services was started by R.Suryakumar - Counseling Psychologist and Kalpana Suryakumar – Psychological Counselor with the aim of providing professional psychological counseling services to Individuals, Couples and Corporates in Chennai. Meaning of Manas in Sanskrit is Mind. Our life is the creation of our mind. We cannot have a positive life with a negative mind. Our Objective is to transform the mindset of people from sad, mad or scared to GLAD through Professional Psychological Counseling and Life Coaching.

R.Suryakumar is a Counseling Psychologist and a Life Coach. He is a Consultant Psychologist to several Corporates in Chennai. Has conducted several programs on 'Assertiveness at Work', 'Occupational Stress', `Work –Life Balance' , 'Rationale Behind counseling' etc., He enjoys working with people who seek transformation. In corporate settings, he works with Individuals and groups across levels in facilitating growth in personal and professional dimensions. He is a life member of Indian association of applied psychology, Indian Psychiatric Society. He is the Vice President of TA Study Circle, Madras. He is the Honorary Correspondent of a reputed group of schools in Chennai. Highly committed to make a difference to human beings so that they can lead an extraordinary life. 

Kalpana Suryakumar is a professional psychological counselor. She has been a visiting counselor to several Corporates in Chennai and also does private practice at her residence in Puraswalkam. Her expertise in Marriage and Family counseling has widely helped many couples and families in and around Chennai. Thanks to technology. Through telephonic and Skype counseling, she has been able to reach people throughout India and around the World. Her friendly approach has earned an immediate rapport building with her clients effortlessly. She has conducted several sessions for Corporates, Colleges and Schools on Stress Management, Adolescent Issues, Parenting, Work Life Balance etc; apart from giving guest lectures to several social organizations. She is the Treasurer of TA Study Circle, Madras, an active member of Chennai Counselors Foundation and Life member Indian Psychiatric Society. She has participated in talks, interviews and debates in NDTV, Raj TV, Chennai Live FM Radio, Deccan Chronicle etc.; When clients express their gratitude after seeing a significant change in their lives, she gets an immense satisfaction since she enjoys her profession and works with the main motive of extending help to the needy population suffering from poor psychological health.

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  1. Hi. My name is Nilesh Kanakraj and I have been privileged to be doing personal transformation counseling sessions with Dr Suryakumar. To begin with, I was taken aback with his bluntness and direct approach, but later realized that , it was what I needed the most. I needed someone to tell me what is wrong with me, and where I need to work on myself, which no one had ever told me. At that point I realized that he was the go to man for me, to work on myself and transform myself.

    I have been undergoing sessions with him since January 2017, and over the past 2 months I have seen a very significant change in me - my personal life, my work life, and my behaviourial patterns. He has helped me work on my weaknesses and overcome them with his very simplistic and straight approach.

    I continue to do my sessions with him, and would highly recommend him to anyone, be it an individual or corporate who would like to transform themselves , and work on self improvement

    Thank you Dr Suryakumar - I really appreciate what you have been doing for me - in making me a better human being

    Nilesh Kanakraj